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Friday, April 20, 2018

Pawsitively Art

As many of you know, Tails to Remember is all about helping out Pets and Pet owners in many different ways.  One way we are helping is by using some of our space to raise funds for those who have high vet bills and who's pets require a lot of care.  The Helping Paw Project reached out to us a few weeks ago asking if we would be willing to have a couple of folks put in some of their art to sell to help them defray their veterinarian bills. We said sure.

I know a lot of people read the facebook post about Jack Davies
and his pot people, if not here is a link to it. With spring time temperatures (finally) getting here (and hopefully sticking around), we though this would be a good time to remind you of his "Pot People". His creations start at $25.00 for the small size, $35.00 for the medium and $50 for the Large. Custom orders are available too.

Fast Forward a few weeks. Heath and Angel brought some of their crafts and art in. Their works are helping them pay for healthcare needs for Mooch. Here's Mooch's story:
Mooch is a Beagle/Bassett mix. I got her in July of 2004 and the veterinarian said she was 4 weeks old, her Birthday is June 10th 2004. She got her name because she was begging for food the next morning and I said Mooch and she turned her head. She was found in the country by a neighbor boy. She doesn't like plastic grocery bags, my Mom thought that she might have been put in one and thrown out. We have had to use Banfield Vet for Mooch's care. In 2017 I called on them again because they were cheaper then our regular Veterinarian, and the same Dr wasn't going to be her Dr. The receptionist gave me the Dr's phone number. When I called, I told the receptionist that we didn't have alot of money, and that's how I found out about Carol Rodgers and The Helping Paw Project. The Helping Paw Project has helped a lot. Mooch is now13 years old and gets Cold Laser Treatments every 5 weeks. Mooch has also had dental issues and had to have a tooth extracted and her teeth cleaned.

Health builds bird houses and feeders as well as squirrel feeders.

The Bird Houses are $20-$25

The squirrel feeder is $20.00

The Bird feeder is $22.50

Angel creates unique jewelry and is starting to try her hand at quilling.  Her bracelets, which run $30.00, are in honor of those pets who have crossed the rainbow bridge.  The rich colored, faceted jewels are nestled in with small square paw print beads and feature a lobster claw clasp.  Her necklaces are crocheted and embellished with pendants or beads.  Quilling is her new found gift.  Inspiring images and phrases are hand decorated with fine precision.

Next time your looking for a unique gift, please make sure you stop out and see what these local craftsmen have to offer and help them provide quality healthcare for their companions.


Thursday, October 26, 2017

Howl-O-Ween Tips for you and your pets

It's that time of year again when the ghouls and goblins come out.  Ding Dong goes the doorbell, you slowly open it and are meet by Freddie, Cookie Monster, or even worse, Barney!  But what are your pets thinking?  Halloween can be a very frightening night for them...all these strangers...why are they dressed like that?  We don't really know what they are thinking.  There's a lot of dangers as well.  How many times do you open your door creating a perfect escape route while your busy passing out the treats and admiring the costumes.  Of course, there's always the danger of the decorations.  You probably have more candles lit, cords plugged in and glittery and flashing things around.  And of course there is this danger...CANDY!  While we (or at least I) like candy, it can cause sickness or even death to our pets.

1)  Halloween is probably one of those nights you'd like to cuddle up on the couch and watch a scary movie, Friday the 13th, Nightmare on Elm Street, Psycho.  Of course you'll need your furry four legged guardian to protect you, but if you have lots of trick or treaters,  You may be better off to leave you pets in another room, one where they are comfortable and away from the commotion and most of all safe and not able to escape the house.  First of all the costumes may scare them and a dog that never bites, may do so out of fear.  Second, there are a lot of cars and people out.  Drivers are trying to pay attention, but lets face it, Halloween is a big night of distracted driving.  So, to protect your loved ones, make sure they are safe and secure, and watch the movie later after trick or treating hours.

2)  Decorations make the house look spooky!  Purr-fect for Halloween, but they can also present hazards.  How nosey is your pet.  I usually can see the, "Well, lets take a look at what's in there face" come across my cat's face.  It's amazing how fast he can bat the lid of a container, or knock it over.  yea, lets just go there, chances are he's going to knock it over.  What if there is a lit candle in there.  Hot wax on the floor is the least of your worries.  Glitter, lights, motion activated ghost and spiders!  They may look great, but it may look like a toy to your pet.  Make sure they are in a safe place and secure.

3)  CANDY:  I Love Candy!  But candy can be harmful to your pets.  Most pet owners know  Chocolate, especially dark and baking chocolate are bad for your pets.  But may candies contain artificial sweeteners that can be lethal to your pets, so keep it our of reach and make sure you or your trick or treaters didn't accidently leave a piece behind.  If you suspect you pet has ingested something they shouldn't have, please call your veterinarian or the ASPCA Poison Control Center at (888) 426-4435 immediately.

4)  Make sure your pet has his or her collar and tags on, just in case.

5)  Pet Costumes-These are a whole other can of worms-  Make sure it's safe for your pet.  Try it on them first and make sure they are OK wearing it.  If it has hair or braids, are they short enough your pet can walk safely?  I guess the easiest way to say it is this, Is it safe?  Would you be comfortable wearing it?  Can I see OK? Can I walk OK?   If you answered NO to any of these, then don't put it on them.  Plus some pets just don't like wearing clothes, don't force them.  It can cause anxiety.

From all of us at Tails to Remember, please have a fun and safe Halloween.  Watch for Kids and Pets and keep an eye on the candy.

Wednesday, October 4, 2017

Need a Friend? Adopt one

Do you find yourself lonely?

Do you want a Pal?

Do you want to help others?

Do you long for a loving relationship?

Well, check this out.  October is National Adopt a Shelter Dog Month.  Each year, it is estimated 3 to 4 million animals are waiting in shelters for someone to give them a safe, loving home, but unfortunately many never find a hero to adopt them and tragically are euthanized.

Dogs have been proven to have many health benefits for their owners, such as lower blood pressure and their ability to lessen anxiety.  Plus, who doesn't like someone to go on a walk with, take a car ride with and of course, who doesn't like to snuggle up on the couch with a warm loving friend on movie night. 

If your thinking of getting a dog, your in luck.  Springfield and the surrounding area has many shelters and rescue groups.  These groups have worked tirelessly to get dogs (and cats) out of facilities that euthanize and try to get them in to loving homes.  They work with them, either at a physical shelter or a foster home network and get them ready to go to their forever home.

Maybe you can't adopt a dog...Your landlord won't let you have one, you don't have enough time, whatever the reason is.  You can always volunteer.  Many Shelter and rescue groups rely on volunteers to walk dogs, take dogs to adoptions, feed them and just to spend time and socialize with them.

Fall is the perfect time to be a hero and adopt a dog from your local shelter. You’ll be saving a life and greatly improving yours.  Below is a list of many of the shelters and rescue organizations in the
Springfield area.  Give them a call or stop in and see who you can take home.  And let's face it, no one likes to sleep alone and why should you.  Go find a  dog that your happy and proud to take home and have in your bed!

Animal Protective League

Friends of Sangamon County Animal Control

Helping Paw Project

Illinois Humane

Paws for Life

ReGap-Retired Greyhounds as Pets

Menard County Animal Control

Paws Jackson

WILD-Women in Love with Dogs

Pets without Parents

Relentless Animal Rescue

Wednesday, August 16, 2017

What to expect from your pets with the Solar Eclipse?

Well...That's a good question.  I started out thinking this would be a great, easy blog to write, and
like most things that you thought were going to be easy, it turned out not to be.

There are many different view points and very little actual studies done since Total Solar Eclipses are so rare.  In fact the last one in the United States was in 1991 and only visible in Hawaii, where it was cloudy, before that it was 1990 in the  Aleutians, where it rained and wasn't visible, prior to that is was 1979 in WA, OR, ID, MT, and ND (the only states to see totality, in the mid-morning.)  It was dreary and unfortunately many people did not see the eclipse due to rain according to

Then you have scientist saying they think animals will think it's night and start getting ready to bed down, others saying pets won't know the difference and everything in between.  While it definitely is a possibility that your pets may start acting different, it seems more like no one really knows.

One thing people seem to agree on is that their eyes can burn just like humans can, so, in my opinion, if your going to try to catch a glimpse (with your protective glasses on, of course) your may be better off just to leave them inside.

There is an app (of course there is) that you can install and use to help provide The California Academy of Sciences information used for  research during the eclipse, use can go to their webpage to learn more

Before the eclipse:
  1. Download the iNaturalist app on the App Store or Google Play and make an account.
  2. Practice making observations. Check out the Getting Started Guide for helpful tips.
  3. Join the Life Responds project on iNaturalist.
  4. Decide where you will be viewing the eclipse and know when the eclipse will be at maximum at your location. Use this map to help determine that time.
Day of the eclipse (Aug 21):
  1. Once you arrive at your site, scout your area for animals and plants. Choose the individual organism(s) you want to observe.
  2. During the eclipse, make 3 separate observations for each individual organism using the iNaturalist app, adding each of them to the "Life Responds" project:
    • 1st: 30 minutes before totality (or maximum coverage) make an observation in iNaturalist. Add anything interesting you notice about their behavior in the "Notes" section.
    • 2nd: During the 5 minutes of totality (or maximum coverage) make a second observation in iNaturalist. Add anything interesting you notice about their behavior in the "Notes" section.
    • 3rd: 30 minutes after totality (or maximum coverage) make a third and final observation in iNaturalist. Add anything interesting you notice about their behavior in the "Notes" section.
    • You're welcome to make other observations of your organism(s) beyond these three - just be sure to choose the time frame in which you made these other observations in "Before, During, or After Totality" field.
So like I said, I thought this would be an easy Blog to write, but...  So hopefully with people being able to provide information to The California Academy of Sciences we'll be better able to be prepared and know more for the next time we have a total solar eclipse across the United States, which just so you know is in April 2024.  

Friday, June 30, 2017

Pets and Fireworks: Safety Tips to keep your pets safe.

Many People love Fireworks, but...

Most Pets Don't!

Here are some safety tips and things to keep in mind so you and your pets have a safe 4th of July!

Loud noises, flashing bright lights, things flying through the air! The 4th of July=Fireworks.  While most humans many enjoy them, it can often times stress out, scare and confuse a pet.  More pets go missing from July 1st-July 6th than any other time of the year.

1)  Leave your pet indoors...Try to make them comfortable with bedding, toys, plenty of water and food.  Put them in a safe place, so they don't accidentally run out the door when you or a friend opens it.

2)  Turn on some soothing music, the TV or a fan to even out the noise. 

3)  If you have company coming over, let them know your pets are scared of fireworks and so you have put them in a safe area, let them know you prefer they don't go in and see them because, lets face it, no one knows what a scared dog or cat will do.  They may bite, they may try to run...Who knows!

4)  If your pets are outdoors with you, use caution with fireworks.  Most days, you throw a ball and want them to fetch it...Today you may be throwing something that can explode in their face or burn their paw.  While this seems like common sense, I think it bears restating.  DON'T LIGHT FIREWORKS WITH YOUR PETS AROUND!

5)  Make sure they have their collars and tags on.  Even if they don't like it and don't normally wear it, please, please put it on for now.  If they should run, this will be the easiest way for someone to identify your pet.

6)  Try Essential Oils to help calm them.  See our Blog on Essential Oils by clicking here.

7)  If you see an animal running loose, please report it to your local animal control, animal shelter, local rescue groups/lost and found pet sites on facebook.

8)  Glow sticks are fun, but not for pets.  They can chew on them and ingest the contents with can lead to sickness or swallow the plastic, leading to an obstruction or chocking.

9)  I'll be the first one to admit it...Beer is great, but if your going to give it to your pets, make sure it is made for them.  "Alcoholic beverages and food products containing alcohol can cause vomiting, diarrhea, decreased coordination, central nervous system depression, difficulty breathing, tremors, abnormal blood acidity, coma and even death. Under no circumstances should your pet be given any alcohol. If you suspect that your pet has ingested alcohol, contact your veterinarian or the ASPCA Animal Poison Control Center immediately.", according to the ASPCA.  Stop by Tails to Remember and pick them up some Bowser Beer, it's made for them.

10)  Keep items they don't need to be in out of their reach.  Lighters, bug spray, matches, citronella candles and torches...ANYTHING that they don't need to be in, put out of reach!

We hope everyone has a safe and Happy 4th of July.

Tuesday, May 16, 2017

Thank You for Nominating Tails to Remember as a nominee for Emerging Business of the Year!

Tails to Remember Pet Services would like to thank the person or persons who nominated us for the Greater Springfield Chamber of Commerce Small Business Awards as a new and emerging business.  It's hard to believe that our Boutique will be open for two years at the end of this month, and even harder to believe that our self service pet wash and full service, onsite pet cremation center have been open just over a year.  We couldn't be happier.

When we were nominated for this award, we knew we were doing something right.  And we knew we were doing something different. Acknowledgement like this means so much. 

When we started planning, many years ago, we knew we didn't want to do the same old thing, so we didn't, and we don't ever plan on it.  From the unique gifts and treats for pets and pet owners in our boutique, to the locally made urns and other remembrance products we offer, we wanted to make sure we were different.  While finding locally made and Made in the USA products can be challenging, we are always up for a challenge. (about 90-95% of our products are locally made, made in Illinois or Made in the USA!)  

We also knew pet owners wanted an easy place to give their pets a bath, but we also knew they didn't want to drag towels and laundry back and forth, so we decided to install a self service pet wash, we decided to provide towels.  Our shampoos are high quality and ph balance for pets.  Our prices are affordable and we work hard to keep our facility clean. 

Yet, we knew not everyone wanted to give their dog or cat a bath themselves.  And I have not met alot of people who like to trim toe nails or even would want to attempt to groom their pet!  (I tried it once, thank goodness it was before "Nailed it" was popular on the web, let's just say, I won't be trying again.)  So the addition of the grooming salon, Dames and Sires Beauty Spa, just seemed logical.  The salon is run independently from Tails to Remember by owner, Samantha Hudgins.  She employs another "Canine Cosmetologist" and a Grooming Assistant.  They use organic shampoos and conditioners and really spend time with your pets.  Therefore, that is the reason it took me over a year to find the right person to rent the salon, we wanted people who love animals and care for them as if they were there own.  In between the three of them across the hall, I believe they could start a small zoo...Horses, prairie dogs, guinea pigs, snakes, pot belly pigs, dogs and cats, you name it, it seems like they have it. 

Of course, the biggest part of our business is also the saddest.  We know the heartache of losing a family member, and we are proud that we have been able to help so many through this process in the past year.  We offer families so much more than just a basic cremation option.  From our ability to brush out and clean up their beloved family member so they can see them one last time, to our unique dual tag identification system, ensuring them that they are receiving their pet's remains, from our ability for families to have a visitation for their pet and even witness cremation if they desire and to even being able to use our facilities to have their vet perform euthanasia services, we have it all and so much more. 

So Thank You to whomever nominated us for this award and Thank you to all those whom we have been able to assist in any way in the past years.  It makes the hard work worth it and we couldn't have done it without you.

 For those who haven't been in to see us, please stop by and check out what we have to offer.  Our Boutique and the grooming salon are open Tuesday-Saturday 9 a.m.-5 p.m., and of course, for the loss of a pet we are available 24 hours a day by calling 217-725-9511.

Tails to Remember Pet Services
3036 Peoria Road
Springfield, IL 62702

To Schedule an appointment with Dames and Sires Beauty Spa, please call 217-361-5733 or online at

Friday, April 14, 2017

Tails to Remember is proud to be carrying EarthHeart Essential Oil Mists for your pet!

Earth Heart Inc.

EarthHeart Essential Oils are now available at Tails to Remember!

Have you heard a friend talk about essential oils?  Maybe you've seen a booth or store touting the benefits of essential oils. It seems they are everywhere, and so is information on them.  Some information is strictly in the form of ads, some in studies, some on websites, some on pamphlets and some by sales people.  The amount of information, proof and hearsay is unbelievable.

This ones better because...We're more pure because...We're the Original... You'll hear it all if you are trying to do research and find what products you want to carry in your store.  Then you have these thoughts in the middle of the night, "Oh my Goodness, what if they mix it wrong?"  Are they going to sue me because they couldn't follow directions?  Or "Wait, I have to stock how many bottles of oils in my store and they cost how much?"  So after about 2 years of looking into the essential oils for pets, I finally found something that I liked, felt confident in, is easy to use and that I can provide at a very modest cost, EarthHeart Essential Oils.

Here are some excerpts of how EarthHeart was started from their founder Vicki Rae Thorne, if you would like to learn more about Vicki, you can check out her whole story at

In 1996 I founded Earth Heart® Inc. to help others learn how to safely and effectively use herbs and essential oils as part of everyday life. For several years, products were developed for massage, skin, body and baby care – with family and friends as sometimes unwilling products testers!

I wrote a monthly column for a local health magazine, had a small holistic practice, developed and taught continuing and community education classes for 14 years, Aromatherapy for Bodyworkers at the community college for 8 years. My aromatherapy and herbal certifications are through Jeanne Rose Herbal & Aromatherapy Studies, and I’m a long-standing member of the Alliance of International Aromatherapists, American Herbalists Guild, and Women in the Pet Industry Network. 

Things started to change in 1999 when I was approached by a kennel owner who wanted help with calming her canine visitors. The dogs missed their families and felt anxious, agitated, angry or depressed. The formula now known as Canine Calm was developed to diffuse in the kennel – and it helped from day one! Boarders noticed that their dogs were calmer when they left the kennel, and didn’t fret so much when it was time to go back. They asked how they could take that calming experience home with them, so I started making the Canine Calm mist. The other blends for dogs (which are also safe for their human and equine families) followed.

The Earth Heart line of canine products has been in the national marketplace since 2010, and I’m pleased that Earth Heart has built a reputation for designing safe, affordable and effective natural wellness remedies to help create happier, healthier lives. All products are made in the USA, formulated with 100% pure essential oils and other plant-based ingredients, packaged in BPA-free recyclable containers, safe and easy to use in your home, shelter, business and travels.

Some anthropologists believe the birth of human culture is marked with the advent of ritual. These ancient rituals can be traced back more than 5000 years. They included the burning of aromatic roots and woods for physical healing, and resins for spiritual healing. While ancient humans may have believed the ritual smoke simply carried their requests to the gods and goddesses who then sent them healings, these ritual fumigations released volatile oils in the plants with properties we know today as antiseptic, immune boosting, relaxing, and sometimes mind-altering. 

Earth Heart® Inc. has been at the forefront of bringing this ancient tradition to modern users, formulating essential oil remedies since 1992. Whether through steam distillation, cold pressing or CO2 extraction, pure essential oils are generally more powerful than the botanicals from which they are extracted. Any time you hold a bottle of Earth Heart’s essential oil remedies, you are holding nature's pure essence of health-promoting botanicals that can be diffused, inhaled, or applied topically when safely diluted in our aromatherapy mists, balms or wipes.

The Essential Oil mist and towelettes we carry at Tails to Remember are Canine Calm, Travel Calm and BuzzGuard.  We do not currently carry the Essential Oil Concentrates for diffusing, but are happy to order them for you.  We have had several people try these products on their own pets and the results have been overwhelming.  And they are easy to use, no mixing, no playing chemist, no did I add that one already and no overdoing it.  We have seen and heard the benefits of essential oils everywhere, from cleaning, to health and more, and we felt comfortable after talking with Vicki and others that have used these products that these would be a great fit for our pets and our clients.